Ordinary Mind Zen Brisbane


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We warmly welcome newcomers and will try to make your entry into our group as easy as possible.  We would be happy to send you our Information for Newcomers and a brief introduction to Zen practice.

When you contact us, please provide some information about your practice experience so we can advise you how to proceed. Reading one of the books by Charlotte Joko Beck or other Ordinary Mind teachers may help you to understand our style of practice.

We may suggest you attend one of our Sunday evening sittings with a short orientation before the sitting starts. Orientations are arranged on some Sunday nights.

There is no cost for your participation, but you are welcome to make a small donation on sitting nights (via the donation box) to help us with the cost of our sitting place.  Later, you can become a member if you wish, with payment of an annual membership fee.  Inability to pay is never a barrier to participation in our group.

We look forward to hearing from you via our Contacts page.