Ordinary Mind Zen Brisbane


Learning to meet our life with honesty, intelligence, kindness and insight is our core practice.

To this end, the Ordinary Mind path incorporates dedicated practice of formal Zen sitting (zazen) and active practice in daily life.

We learn what it means to practice on many levels, those of: thought and feeling; action and behaviour; mindful presence and direct experiencing; and deep listening and intentionless residing.

To encourage and support us in this work, Ordinary Mind Zen Brisbane provides regular Zen practice activities in a lay context.  We welcome people from Buddhist and non-Buddhist backgrounds who wish to experience our distinctive approach to Zen training.

In this process, we are guided by the Group’s resident teacher, Gregg Howard, a Dharma Successor of Charlotte Joko Beck in the Ordinary Mind Zen School.

Ordinary Mind Zen Brisbane is an Incorporated Association in Queensland and is a registered religious charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC).