Ordinary Mind Zen Brisbane

What We Do

Weekly Zen Sittings

Sunday evenings from 6.30-8.00 pm in the Group Room of the Bardon Counselling and Natural Therapy Centre, and on Zoom. Three periods of zazen (sitting practice), short periods of formal walking (kinhin), and a closing service. Interested? Please refer to the Practise with us page.

Silent Practice Days

More intensive days of practice which are held 9.00 am – 4.00 pm on Sundays several times a year. Includes structured sitting, Dharma talk or discussion, and interviews with the teacher. Participation assumes prior experience.


A formal, residential practice retreat of several days. In September, we hold sesshin for 5 days at a practice centre close to Brisbane. Early in the year, a shorter non-residential sesshin is held in Brisbane.

Practice conversations (Daisan)

Meetings with a teacher to discuss personal practice and its application in life. Attendance is available in-person or on Zoom.

Dharma Talks and Discussions

Talks on aspects of practice and Dharma are regularly given by our teachers during weekly programs, sesshins, and Silent Practice Days.

Newcomer Orientations

By arrangement, a short 20-minute orientation is offered on the first Sunday evening you attend, immediately prior to the evening sitting.

Other activities

  • Short “pop-up” Zoom sittings on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings each week.
  • Shared suppers and social gatherings.
  • Reading and study group focused on a core text.
  • Attendance options: either in-person or via Zoom.
  • Monthly email Bulletin to keep you up to date on news and upcoming events.