Ordinary Mind Zen Brisbane

Practice with us

We extend a warm welcome to newcomers and invite you to join us by following these simple steps:

Please contact us before attending. This will enable us to provide you with more information and arrange a suitable Sunday evening for your first visit.

On that evening, you will receive a brief orientation just before the sitting. One of our experienced members will meet you and serve as your guide for the evening. The orientation will cover the sitting place, where and how to sit, basic formalities in the Zendo, as well as address any questions you may have.

Please read “How to Begin Zazen” (a copy is available on our Resources page). While it is preferable to have some prior experience with silent meditation before attending a Zen sitting, you can also start practising at home using these simple instructions before joining us.

Reading one of the books by Charlotte Joko Beck or another Ordinary Mind teacher listed on the Resources page, may also be helpful, before or soon after you come along.

Participation in our group is free of charge. If possible, occasional small donations (via the donation box) are appreciated and contribute to the cost of our sitting place. In the future, you may consider becoming a member and paying an annual subscription. However, inability to pay will never hinder your participation or membership in our group.

We look forward to welcoming you.